Types or Classes of Pain Medication
Pain medications are drugs used to relieve discomfort associated with disease, injury or surgery. Because pain is complex, there are many different types of pain drugs that provide pain relief and act differently depending on the type of pain.  Your educated and experienced pain management health-care practitioner should decide which medication is best for you.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) act on inflammation, pain, and fever.

Corticosteroids are often administered as an injection at the site of musculoskeletal injuries. They exert powerful anti-inflammatory effects. They can also be taken orally to relieve pain.

Acetaminophen increases the body's pain threshold, but it has little effect on inflammation.

Opioids, also known as narcotic analgesics, modify pain messages in the brain.

Muscle relaxants reduce pain from tense muscle groups, through sedative action in the central nervous system.

Anti-anxiety drugs work on pain in three ways: they reduce anxiety, they relax muscles, and they help patients cope with discomfort.
Some antidepressants may reduce pain messages sent through the spinal cord.

Some anticonvulsant drugs also relieve the pain of neuropathies, 
possibly by stabilizing nerve cells.

All pain medications have some side effects. The goal is to work with you to help manage and relieve your pain, increase your quality of life, return you to wellness and reintegrate you as much as possible  into daily activities. We want you to be pain-free, alert and functional, while keeping medications at the lowest dose and frequency as possible.

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